Web content analysis

What is the purpose of HtmlMade ?

We are crawling through the web, analyzing the content of the sites to help you stay updated with the latest web technologies suitable for your visitors. The site report shows how a robot sees your website such as types and ratio of HTML tags that are being used, HTML boilerplates, what javascript libraries are in use, if the site has HTML5/CSS3 features, if the site has a responsive design and also the page load time.


What to input there for analysis?

You can input any page of your website for analysis, such as: the home page, a detail page, a contact page, etc. Some good examples:

Your Site / Page input will not be anything like the below examples:

In essence, the input should be rendered just fine on a web browser. Still having a hard time ? Just copy / paste the input to a web browser to see if it can be viewed!